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Professional Buggy Cleaning Service

At the Buggy Bar we provide nationwide baby friendly buggy cleaning service on all your essential baby equipment. We offer a fully sanitised, fully serviced, baby friendly deep clean on your car seats, highchairs, buggies, and any other baby equipment to keep them germ free and looking great!

We use a combination of chemical, steam and sheer elbow grease to get your items back to showroom condition. We have a fully kitted out cleanroom for taking apart cleaning and re assembling your items.

This process takes a minimum of 24 hrs to complete from collection to delivery, the drying process is just as important as if not done correctly mould will sneak its way back in.

We do not render any scratches scrapes or chips but we will have a look at replacing parts if you request us to do this.

With our help, you will be able to ReLove & ReUse your buggy, or even ReSell if you wish!
buggy cleaning
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buggy cleaning